Re: IC Service on the Iowa Division


On Thursday, December 4, 2003, at 10:05 PM, Ted Schnepf wrote:

Hi Denny and List,

The IC banana trains into Dubuque were hot. These trains typically were
broken up between the CBQ, Milw, CGW and some cars continuing into Iowa on
the IC. The Milw would run a special train for as few as 7 cars. It had a
steamer, caboose and crew waiting for the IC to make the interchange so as
to expedite the movement northward.

A question: What was the hurry on moving a car of Bananas? If you kept them at 45 degrees, they would not ripen.
We got a car load in once before we had room to unload it. So we kept it well iced with salt on the ice and held for a day and a half before unloading. We held it in the cold room at 45 degrees for an other 3 days and they were still green.
Thank you
Larry Jackman
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