Wegmann PFE R40-16 Reefers are here

Andy Carlson

It has been a 1/2 year since I posted a request for
reservations for the HO Terry Wegmann/Red Caboose PFE
R-40-16 reefer kits, and because of parts
non-availability problems, we had to postpone the

This time, I am announcing these cars after they have
been completed, and I am now accepting Payment for
these kits on a first come basis. Production is
limited to 150 kits, and probably these will not
become available again due to the problems of working
with 2 suppliers.

To those who have forgotten, or those who have not yet
learned, PFE built 3500 R-40-16 class reefers in the
early '40s, rebuilds from earlier all wood carbody
reefers. Unlike the R-40-18 rebuilds, these -16s
retained wooden ends, but like the -18s, these had
Stanray (Murphy) rectangular panel steel roofs
applied, along with Steel Preco Hatch covers.

According to sources in the railfan community (most
notably Msrs. Dick Harley and Tony Thompson), wood
carbody reefers dominated the PFE fleet in quantity,
steel cars not outnumbering our favorites until after
the Steam Era (the early 60s). These wood bodied cars
served the fleet until 1966 when the final retirements
eliminated wood PFE Reefers.

This kit is a hybrid- Terry Wegmann Machined roofs to
fit Red Caboose wood ends (also machined by Terry to
fit his steel roof), and Terry's Ice Hatch covers,
wood running board, preformed wire hatch railings, a
styrene parts sprue of much better cross-bearers to be
use on the Red Caboose "Bettendorf" underframe, some
styrene strips and instructions, all to be installed
on the Red Caboose R-30-13-9 undecorated wood PFE
Reefer Kit, which is also included. The modeler will
need to supply couplers, paint, and decals for

These remain at $22.00 each, plus shipping as follows:

1 car $3.85
2 cars $3.85
3 cars $4.95
4 cars $5.85
5 cars $6.50 Shipped Priority Mail
6 or more $7.95 Shipped either USPS or UPS

You may send payment to:

Andy Carlson
157 S Pueblo Ave.
Ojai CA 93023

Please allow for 2-3 weeks delivery.
-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

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