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Roger Hinman <rhinman@...>

NRC was set up as a float of cars available to NP and IC since they had different seasonal needs
and this became a fairly nice business model. NRC was acquired as Tim states by MDT/NYC
in the late twenties. I've seen arguments whether MDT owned NRC or NYC did. In all the NYC Annual Reports, NRC is listed as a separate
company just as MDT is(until their merger in 1962)

In 1936, MDT moved its offices to Michigan Ave in Chicago and shared those offices (and managment team) with NRC. DSDX was
thrown into the mix in the early fifties. Sometime thereafter, IC began leasing MDT as well as NRC cars

Roger Hinman

On Friday, December 5, 2003, at 12:50 PM, tim gilbert wrote:


According to the 1959 MOODY's TRANSPORTATION MANUAL, MDT acquired the
Northern Refrigerator Car Co. in January 1929. On January 8th, 1929, the
Northern Refrigerator Line, Inc. was incorporated in Delaware as the
successor of the Northern Refrigerator Car Co..

Hope this helps, Tim Gilbert

Andy Sperandeo wrote:


I always
that Northern Refrigerator Line was a subsidiary of the IC, and its
were on Michigan Ave. in Chicago.

I'd be glad to hear from someone who knows more about this.

Happy holidays,


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