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kathe@... writes:

The model appears upon closer examination to be a Sunshine 1932 car
w/standard (i.e. not Duryea) underframe. Any help, trucks build date,
number if DL&W had these, etc. is greatly appreciated.
Hi Max,

The DL&W didn't have any of the 1932 cars, sorry. It had plenty of the
Westerfield USRA NYC steel cars with the dreadnaught ends, though, which are
correct for your era. Lop off a couple of bolster rivets and reverse a two
pairs of crossbearers and it's a dead ringer, ready for the CDS decals. In
the 1930s, rather than buying new cars, the DL&W was putting steel sides on
the wooden boxcars.

All the best, ....Mike

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