Re: Truck Wheels

Christian Tucker <ctucker1@...>

methods are commonly used and how do you keep it from being a real
chore? Shortcuts, tips, and tricks are all welcome.

After a few hundred wheelsets any process is a chore! After the
knife and file work I give mine a through wash followed by a soak in
Polly Scale Plastic Prep. When dry I use a brush and Microscale
Liquid Mask and put a blop of the mask on each axle cone and into
each sideframe hole. (The Microscale Mask washes out of the brush.
Other brands don't.)

I mount the wheelsets on a rack that I cobbled together from styrene
scraps many years ago after I saw a photo in MR of A. Sperandeo's
wheel painting rack. The sideframes are screwed to a part of the
rack. I paint, weather and so forth.

When paint has set, I pull off the mask with tweezers. The wheels go
into the sideframes. I use a stainless steel disk brush in a Dremel
running at a slow speed to whirl the wheels and scrub the treads
clean and shiny. Prepare to loose a few wheelsets/sideframes until
you get the Dremel technique learned!

Christian Tucker
New York

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