Re: Truck Wheels

Denny Anspach <danspach@...>

Spen Kellogg inquires-

Have just spent a tedious amount of time painting wheelsets and then
polishing the treads to get the wheels to look correct. What
methods are commonly used and how do you keep it from being a real
chore? Shortcuts, tips, and tricks are all welcome.


My default standard on all of my freight trucks is to progressively convert to Reboxx .088" wheel sets, something that I have been doing now for at least three years. These wheels have a natural rather dark silvery sheen that makes the treads look just right IMHO. After wheelset change-out, and before refastening the truck back on the car I routinely each time then paint the truck frame, both sides of the wheels and the axle Floquil Rail Brown. I have developed a means of holding the truck by its bolster in my left hand with my thumb and third finger so that I can spin the wheelset to be painted with my second finger, and a particular brush that just "fits". The entire process for one truck takes probably no more than about two minutes, and at the end the truck stands out because of its remaining shiny treads (and the thin .088" wheel treads certainly do help).

This of course does not prevent added aging and weathering, if desired, or the use of other paint colors if the particular model requires it.

Denny S. Anspach, MD
Sacramento, CA

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