PFE Reefer Fans & Paint Schemes

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Bruce Smith writes:

On to another reefer. I'm putting together a few of the IM premium
models (Thanks Richard!) and the "gothic" paint scheme (reweigh - Tucson,
1962) has me puzzled. I think IM molded the floor in orange to allow the
sill details to be in the correct color, but this leaves the floor BRIGHT
I have compiled a bit of information regarding PFE paint schemes and fans as
provided by the PFE book relative to steel sided PFE cars with information
regarding the models built by Intermountain. This is very incomplete and I
would ask anyone with corrections or missing information to please add to

1. Intermountain

1.1 IM supplied the R-40-23 in the '51-'53 scheme with orange bottoms as
well. These cars with reweigh dates of 8-52 have no lines or periods. The
elimination of periods seems to match photos.

1.2. IM supplied non premium R-40-10s in the '50 scheme [ reweigh dates of
8-50 ] with orange side hardware. Oddly, the period after the E is missing.
As are some rivets apparently.

1.3. IM supplied the premium R-40-10 in the '46 scheme, reweigh date of
7-46. The kit contains Preco AA-2 fans. It is not clear to me if these fans
would have been applied to these cars in this scheme.

1.4 The IM car is advertised in the '50 or '51-'53 scheme. I haven't seen

2. Fans

2.1 Preco FM-2 mechanical from car wheel. External shaft. Nothing more

2.2 Preco FG-36 mechanical. External shaft with control box beneath side.
PFE pg 176 photo. R-40-23. IM provides this on R-40-23 and 25 cars. Details
West makes this fan.

2.3 Preco FK-6 mechanical. Apparently similar to FG-36 in appearance. PFE pg
180 photo. On R-40-25. IM supplies the same fan as on the 23.

2.4 Preco AA-2 Electric overhead fan. Includes exterrnal shaft below side
for precooling process except the external device powered an alternator.
There is a fan plate in the external shaft position normally occupied by the
external shaft as with the FG-36. Fan plate refers to electric fan being
present. Found on R-40-26 and R-40-10 premium kit. ****However, the time of
installation of this fan is not clear.*** The question is, would it appear
on cars in the '46 or '49 scheme. IOW, would installation have required
painting? The R-40-10 in the green scheme shows both these fans, PFE pg 165,
and the AA-3 [ I assume ] with no fan box below the side but with the fan

2.5 Preco AA-3 Electric overhead with no external shaft or control box
beneath side. Fan plate in position of exterrnal shaft. Present on some
R-40-10s in express form [ I assume ].

2.6 Equipco P-29-1 Unknown

In general, the Preco AA-3 or similar electric overhead fan appears to have
replaced others in later yrs depending on the car.

That's all I have at present. Again, I would appreciate any help and

Mike Brock

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