Re: Reefer Madness

Bruce F. Smith V.M.D., Ph.D. <smithbf@...>

Byron sez:
I hope you used an elephant gun to shoot that reefer, it takes a lot to
bring one down.
I thought that statement might be misinterpreted when I wrote that
<G>...however in my case, being a vet, I just used a tranquilizer gun to
slow it down enough to get some photographs...and so, without further
obfuscation, here are a couple of pictures of this reefer (methinks that
Byron, Richard, and maybe one or two others will get this in their sleep -
so try to get it on the first picture as the second should be a dead

I also hope you didn't shoot it in your pajamas, you'll
have a hell of a time explaining what a wood reefer was doing in your
I won't even go there!

Happy Rails

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