Lackawanna's USRA steel clones


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Max, to the best of my knowledge DL&W owned no 1932 AAR box cars. They did
have a large class of steel box cars built in 1929-1930 which were very
similar in dimensions and appearance to the later NYC-clone USRA steel box
cars with 4X4 panel sides and Youngstown corrugated doors, but the ends
were an unusual 4-4 Dreadnaught type which had flat bevels on the extreme
ends of the corrugations and the roofs were Hutchins dry lading.
I didn't see this before sending my latest note to Max. I gotta admit,
Richard, that I didn't realize that the slight difference in the ends of the
dreadnaughts were that unusual. But I guess so now that I compare them to
those on other roads.

Learn something every day, though it appears that the Westerfield ends could
be filed to replicate this.

Al Westerfield, I recently found a photo of one of these cars tipped over
after the 1955 flood that clearly shows the underframe without the trucks.
Rare view.

All the best, ....Mike

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