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Richard said:
Fruit Growers, of course (or WFEX, which was operated by FGEX and ran some
cars of FGEX design and construction). Distinictive features include the
side and end sills, sheathing retainer angles, roof, hatch cover rests, and
the lettering style of the barely legible "Refrigerator" stenciling.
Interestingly, this car was probably retired from the FGEX fleet fairly
early, as it was not among the many wood sheathed cars rebuilt after WW II
with heavier side sill channels and steel body framing; some of the latter
survived in revenue service into the 1970s.
Bingo! The car in question is at the Southeastern Railway Museum in Duluth
Ga (Atlanta) and is labeled FGEX #55558. The museum's brochure states a
built date of c. 1940. The museum recently "shuffled" its collection, and
this car which was previously stuffed in a siding, was out in front with a
clean view of both sides and the A end. It looks like it might even be
coming up on the list of restoration projects!

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