Re: Intermountain kits (was SFRD Reefers)

Tim O'Connor

Marty McGuirk wrote

I'd be interested in thoughts on this matter, since the members
of this list likely make up the majority of the folks interested
in buying our cars in kit form -- remember we offer them as kits
as a service to our customers -- we don't make very much on kits
at all...
Marty, when you guys made the 4650 covered hoppers available as
kits, I ordered a number of them. I also acquired a number of other
undec kits at the same time. I still want kits, either decorated or
undecorated. Also, I understand that the price break for a kit is
not going to be what it used to be -- Red Caboose's new coil cars
can be bought as kits for $6 (6 bucks!) less than the factory
assembled version. Nevertheless, I will buy that car as a kit too.

As far as extra parts, absolutely please include all the parts you
think you can afford to. I often use extra parts for other projects
or for upgrading other kits. I'm very glad to hear you're working
on new steam era kits. Other than the Red Caboose SP flat car, I
don't know of any others in the pipeline. Larry Grubb said we'd
seen the last new freight cars from Proto2000.

Tim O'Connor

P.S. I hope your new kits are an FGE reefer, and a Bethlehem mill
gondola. :o) Or an AAR alternate standard hopper. That would be ok.

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