Re: CRDX boxcars - former Pennsy?

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Thats not too much to go on...any chance of some photographs? The closest
I come is the X43 class, built by Greenville, 12/50, with a coupled length
of 44'4", 100,000lbs capacity. See
for details

Happy Rails

I am a volunteer with the Illinois Railway Museum in Union, Illinois
(, and I am currently researching the history of a trio
of boxcars we have been using for storage. They are CRDX (Chicago
Freight Car Leasing) #5402, 5419, and 5426. All three are steel
boxcars, 44'5" over the coupler pulling faces, built in 1948 and with
110,000 lbs capacity. Our roster claims that they were built by CFC,
but this is highly doubtful. The cars have ASF trucks, but -
intriguingly enough - the trucks have "PRR" cast into them. Is it
possible that these three cars are former Pennsy? If so, does anyone
have any ideas as to what series these cars would have been in?

Here are the links to these cars' pages on the IRM online roster:

Thanks for any help you can provide!
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