Re: CRDX boxcars - former Pennsy?


I realize that I should really have some photos on hand... I am going
to try and take some photos of these cars soon and post them online
(somewhere). I'll be sure to let you know when I am able to do that.

BTW, the reason I'm asking for this information is that the Illinois
Railway Museum is working on making up display signs for the entire
rail collection. These signs, which will be CONSISTENT (for a
change), are 2'x3' aluminum signs with vinyl lettering. Although IRM
has a collection of over 400 pieces of equipment, we're about half
done already - after a year and a half of work. Most of the
remaining cars are freight cars and, since I'm one of a few IRM
members who are interested in researching this stuff for the new
display signs, I may be coming up with other weird, obscure, and
probably unrealistic requests for information in the future. Thanks
in advance to anyone who can help with information about any freight
cars at IRM!

Thats not too much to go on...any chance of some photographs? The
I come is the X43 class, built by Greenville, 12/50, with a coupled
of 44'4", 100,000lbs capacity. See
for details

Happy Rails

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