Re: Kit vs RTR prices (Was SFRD Reefers)

Jim Scott

Red Caboose still brings in decorated kits and they go
in the neighborhood of $10.00 less than their
assembled counterparts.

Jim Scott
Lompoc, CA.

--- wmcclark1980 <walterclark@...> wrote:
Gene (and everyone else, of course)-

Not just cover the cost of production. The car
manufacturers need
something more for overhead and something above that
for profit.
After all, they aren't operating under a socialist
system where
"someone" decides whether or not a product is
produced and, if so, how
much profit the "money-grubbing" capitalist gets to
keep his employees
paid (him, too). Yes, I still want kits, and would
like for
undecorated to be at least an option on the kits.
I'm wondering what
the comparison for a fully completed (painted and
lettered) car vs. a
kit with the various parts for the options plus
instructions, in a box
or a bag would be? Remember, someone has to
inventory all the various
parts and sprues, plus instructions and other
documentation, to make
sure the kit buyer gets everything that's supposed
to be in the box or

Walter M. Clark
Time stopped in November 1941
Riverside, California

--- In STMFC@..., "Gene Green"
<willibecher@j...> wrote:
Has anyone actually said they want kits because
the kits are cheaper?

It seems the reasons given on this forum have had
more to do with the
fun of building kits and pride in accomplishment.
Some (me) want the
flexibility to make changes which are easier if
one begins with a kit.

I'd appreciate it if the various manufacturers
would look at
providing kits but pricing them to actually cover
their costs,
whatever those costs may be.

In these days of Alps and similar printers there
are many excellent
decal manufacturers so I guess only undec kits
would be OK. I would
be willing to pay more for a kit than RTR if that
is what it takes to
get the kits. I'd rather not pay more but ... .

Gene Green

--- In STMFC@..., Rich Ramik
<rjramik@o...> wrote:

I wouldn't. I do not have the knowledge to do a
"buck and wing"
kit build
nor do I have the resources available either.
Besides, there are
some out
there, novices at least, that have less
experience and knowledge
than I do.
Aren't these the people we want to attract to
this segment of the
(let's not start a holy war)?

As for my 2-cents, please include the grabs,
piping, ladders,
ends, roof walks, etc. I would hate to spend
the money on a kit
and not
have the essential items required to build it.
If in essence this
drives up
the price of a undecorated kit, I wouldn't have
a problem with it.
believe the same would hold true for a semi-kit.
By that I mean a
kit with the appropriate parts for other
versions or upgrades as
If this too raises the price of a kit, not a

Trucks would always be appreciated; at least the
most common trucks
for the
basic kit. If I would have to replace the
trucks at a later date,
so be it.
As for couplers, that is a truly personal item
and I don't think it
be part of the kit. I'm a Kadee guy, while
others are McHenry and
others are Accumate. I don't think you would
want to include this
variety -
makes no sense.

My idea of building a kit is study the
instructions (hint) and any
written material to select the correct prototype
from the available
construct the basic kit; paint and decal if
required; weather; add
details supplied (hint). Now a person has a
model that they can be
of - an I did it!

For what its worth,
Rich Ramik

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Thank you for your comments.

I do have one question though. Would you still
buy the "bare
bones" kit
if I told you the price would be no different
from a kit in a box
a more formal set of instructions?


On Monday, December 15, 2003, at 08:53 AM,
lrkdbn wrote:

> Hello Mr. Mc Guirk
> Just would like to say I think you're
taking the right tack
on the
> kit vs. RTR issue. I am glad to know that
the Intermountain line
> is available as kits, even if there is some
degree of waiting
> involved. I also think the idea of a bare
bones kit is an
> one. Why not just the plastic parts and an
exploded diagram in a
> plastic bag? I'd gladly buy them that way!
> Sincerely yours,
> Laurance King
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