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Good Morning Gene;
By now, I'm fairly sure you have the info you need, but one thing that I don't believe was directly commented on, is the practice (at least on some railroads) of assigned cabooses. A stock movement could (and most likely would) travel over several crew districts, and the crews way cars would be switched out - it'd be rather inconvenient for the cowpokes to have to change cars each time!

For more info on stock movements and drovers cabooses (as it pertains to the Santa Fe), see the info on Steve Sandifer's site at:

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In a message dated 12/27/2003 6:51:41 PM Eastern Standard Time, steamgene writes:

But was it also the caboose for the train crew? That's my question - would
the norm of a unit stock train be to have a train crew
caboose and a drovers'
caboose, or just one for both train crew and drovers?

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