Re: Train Shed Cyclopedias

Shawn Beckert

Jeff Aley asked:

Question: What is the Squadron series like? I've never
modeled anything but railroads, so I'm not familiar with
the data contained therein.
Jeff, check out their website at
In my late teens and early twenties I was heavily into
military aviation, especially naval aircraft, and I thrived
on the Squadron-Signal "In Action" series of publications.
These books would take a particular aircraft, say, the F-4U,
and give a brief but concise history of the plane, then show
photographs of every single variation of the plane. There
were "builders photos" and "action" views, giving the modeler
and historian lots of info to work with.

They do the same thing for ships and armored vehicles. They go
into the kind of detail we're just recently starting to get
about freight cars and locomotives. They have books titled
"P-51 Walk Around" and "F-15 Walk Around" showing nothing but
detail photos of these birds. Imagine if we had a "PS-1 Walk
Around" or an "R-40-23 Walk Around" to browse through!

Shawn Beckert

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