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Richard Hendrickson

Another tank question, P2K 10K UTLX. It's date is '47 which I will back
date to '37.
Here you're in the realm of speculation. UTLX bought no 10K AC&F Type 21s
new; its cars of this type were acquired second-hand, and the UTLX entries
in the ORER are so sketchy that it's impossible to say when they were
acquired with any certainty. A lot of them came in the early 1930s as
various private owners (e.g., Skelly Oil) decided to unload their tank car
fleets and lease the cars back from UTL, but some came to the UTLX fleet as
late as the 1960s, when the Sinclair fleet went to UTL. I'm sure UTL owned
some 10K AC&F Type 21s by the late 1930s but I can only guess at what their
numbers may have been.

Anyway, the prototype cars were delivered with ARA cast steel trucks with
spring planks and would certainly have retained those trucks through 1941
(in fact, probably until the cars were retired). The closest HO scale truck
is the Accurail "Bettendorf" truck.<
Is this a generic statement for all the P2K 10K cars. Good thing I
bought a mess of those Accurail trucks on ebay<G>.
No. Some 10K AC&F Type 21s got cast steel trucks of various types, but
many were delivered with arch bar trucks and, in general, tank car owners
delayed replacing them until the mid-'41 deadline was almost upon them.
And when they finally did, a variety of cast steel trucks were applied,
though many were of the type represented by the Accurail truck. So it's
difficult to generalize.

it's likely that in 1941 most of the DX cars still had KC brakes<
Would this statement apply to all or do we need to go on a owner by
owner basis.
Generally true, though the major leasing companies like UTL were more
likely to make the conversion to ABs than private owners. Still, I'd say
that very few '20s vintage tank cars had been retrofitted with AB brakes by

Richard H. Hendrickson
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