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The N&W H-2a cars in the WWII era would have had the 17 inch high N&W.

I don't believe these cars would have routinely been loaded off line as there was an AAR directive that hoppers of N&W, VGN, C&O and I believe one other road be returned to the home road for loading.

Loaded N&W hoppers would certainly have been seen on the PRR line from Columbus, OH to Sandusky. It is possible that N&W also would have had a contract with any number of off-line industries to supply coal,, but I have no information on that.

Jim Brewer
Glenwood MD

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During WW2, would you find any N&W N2 hoppers on PRR main lines or branches west of Pittsburg?? Would coal users along the PRR routes out here get in hoppers from foreign roads??

I assume that era of N2s had the smaller 17" N&W letters??
Earl Myers

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