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On Thursday, January 15, 2004, at 07:25 PM, Steven Delibert wrote:

How the !@#$%^ did you get so lucky? I sure wish my daughter Harsha (and
everyone else on this list over the age of 30 or 40 wishes their daughter
Mary, Tiffany, or Wen-cho) knew there was such a thing as a USRA gon, or
that there was a NYNH&H that might or might not have had one, or that it
Well, I have to admit that Brianna can't quite tell the difference between a USRA gon and any other gon...but she's is a big New Haven fan, which of course is completely unrelated to my PRR interests and she really wants a New Haven gon. Like many other rooky modelers, she feels that if she models NH, she should ONLY model NH. I'm working with her on the concept of local, regional and national freight car fleets, but she does have a 5 year old's view of the world <VBG>. Her initial plan was to repaint a PRR G25 (USRA) that Mike Brock gave her last week, but once I told her NH didn't have any of those, her plan is back to weathering the PRR car. When I told her Ted was making masters, and might have an NH gon in a year or so, she said "I can't wait a YEAR!" <G>. Now she's off looking for New Haven steam engines ...she muttered something about needing a caboose too. The New Haven LL P1K DL109 in the RMC she was leafing through at breakfast didn't even rate mild interest.

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