N&W Class H2/H2A Lettering (was loaded hopper interchanges)

benjaminfrank_hom <b.hom@...>

Bruce Smith wrote:
"Assuming you meant H2, if you're modeling in HO you'll need to use
the ECW kit rather than the Broadway Car. The BLI car is an H2A and
is too late for our era."

Bruce, thanks for the clarification - this photo from my last post is
actually a Class H2 car:

"Dry transfers from Greg Komar or decals from the N&WHS will get you
the right lettering."

Greg Komar #397, $7.95 for HO (also available as decals, minimum
order 2 sets):

N&WHS offers Model Railroad Services set 260-09 ($3.25, HO only), but
it's for 50-ton cars:

Ben Hom

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