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Greg Martin

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Hi folks;

I have a photo that many of you may have seen of a P&WV 50' boxcar in the "symbol of service" scheme. It appears to have dual row riveted sides,double doors, DF symbols, and potentially a radial roof? Is this the car that Greg et al were discussing recently? Was there a consensus on how one might approach this car? Does anyone know what it was used for? Thanks!

Elden Gatwood
Elden and all,

I have a broadside shot of this car and it is clearly an ex-NKP car with a Viking roof (not radial. I would have to check my photos again but I don't believe there is anything special about the side sheathing. There was a metasl reinforcement strip under the car door... I thought I posted this shot? If not I have it in my data base at home. I know Larry Kiline has the same shot as I do but my date and his date and location don't agree... not sure which is correct. Mine shows Zainesville, Ohio but I can't recall the date, I will have to check. I do have an erection drawing of the NKP series that they came from. The aux. door was sealed shut.

Greg Martin

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