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GENERAL QUESTION: Looking for a 1948-49-50(any year) (any month)OER anyone
have a extra copy?????
Joel Norman
Eastern Maine Rly--were its always summer 1950
''Route of the Yella Moose''

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HELLO AND HAPPY NEW YEAR: Like the start off the year right and ask a
question...looking for data on BM-MEC head end box cars(freight box
cars?? and LCL cars)used in late 30's into 1951(in HO)which kits which
trucks etc(book title would ideal)but along with book what kits
As far as I know, the only Express Boxcars which the B&M or MEC ever had
in the 20th Century were thirty B&M 36' WUF boxcars numbered in the
#2969-2999 series. These cars had been retired by 1930. These cars were
equipped with better trucks than their 8,000 plus freight counterparts
(which had FOX trucks) as well as steam lines.

LCL was freight business which, on the B&M, in the 1938-1940 era
contributed to over 50% of the carloadings which the B&M originated (vs.
Express service operated by REX which was passenger service).

Just before WWII, almost all MEC stations had next day service from
Boston. The principal train was the Boston-Bangor B-11 train which left
Mystic Yard about 6:30 PM and arrived in Bangor in the wee hours of the
morning after dropping and picking up cars at Rigby Yard and Waterville.
Leaving Rigby and Bangor each morning were local freights delivering the
LCL merchandise to all points on the MEC. B-11 was inaugurated in June
1931 and called the "Maine Meteor." Just about any boxcar was used
whether it be B&M, MEC or foreign road-owned.

While LCL declined during and after the War, B-11 was still the main
conduit for merchandise from Boston for points served by the MEC.
Sometime in the 1950's, B-11 lost its premium status when it also
performed the work of BP-5 which was the symbol freight serving interim
points on the B&M including Lawrence, Haverhill, Rockingham, Dover and

Hope this helps, Tim Gilbert

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