Re: Atlas Meat Reefer

Justin Kahn

Again, this is based on the O scale run (where the hinges were still oversized even in O scale), which sells at least two-thirds of its production to three-railers, many of whom prefer gadgetry to scrupulous prototype fidelity.
Jace Kahn
Mostly Fairbanks

The doors and ice hatches open and have operating hinges. Don't know where
Atlas got the notion this is something serious modelers sought. The hinges
are oversized, and there are only two. I have ordered Grand Line reefer
hinges and will probably glue the doors shut, shave the Atlas hinges and
glue on the Grand Line hinges on the unpainted models. As to the painted
ones, careful shaving, and weathering i.e. door grease, may salvage the
factory paint.

Doug Harding
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