Re: Trix Double Door, 40' box car

Richard Hendrickson

Brian J Carlson writes:

"My dealer recently got in a selection of Trix freight cars. In the mix
was a
40' double door car. Does anyone know the prototype for this model, and how
well does the model match the prototype."
To which Mike Brock replies:

It is apparently a reasonable model of a UP A-50-16 although lettered for
an A-50-19.

Exactly. It's actually a very good model of an A-50-16 built in 1940,
complete with ACR rivets on the sides, but the Germans screwed up (as
usual) and lettered it as an A-50-19. Sandblast, repaint oxide red,
reletter, and voila! It could also be used to model some other 40' double
door automobile box cars of similar vintage by scraping off the ACR rivets
- e.g., Southern and Norfolk Southern had 'em with round-cornered 4/5 ends
like those on the UP cars, as did Pere Marquette (later C&O) with wider

Richard H. Hendrickson
Ashland, Oregon 97520

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