Re: Trix Double Door, 40' box car

Richard Hendrickson

Brian Carlson writes:

In 1957 would class A-50-19 still be hauling Auto's or Autoparts? If not,
is it possible these cars may have hauled lumber?

Finally, who makes the correct decals for this car? Ok I guess that is 3
These cars were originally equipped with Evans auto racks, but the racks
were removed in 1955 and the cars renumbered 175000-175499. After that,
they were in the UP's general merchandise box car pool and could well have
carried lumber.

These cars would certainly have been repainted at least once before 1957,
so they would have hAD all yellow lettering with either the 'Streamliners"
and "Be Specific" slogans or (after 1956) 20" Union Pacific and "Be
Specific" on both sides. Terry Metcalfe's UP freight car book, now
regrettably out of print, provides photos of both, plus all the details on
UP lettering changes over the years.

Richard H. Hendrickson
Ashland, Oregon 97520

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