Re: Questions about NP20429, ART 62388, & DT&I 177??

benjaminfrank_hom <b.hom@...>

Shay Stark asked:
"NP 20429 is a 40 foot single sheathed boxcar with metal ends, metal
door and a radial roof. The picture I have was taken in 1941. I am
wondering what type of under frame this car has, i.e. fish belly or
straight frame? What is the configuration of the ribs on the ends?"

Equipment Diagram:

Straight underframe; ends are indeterminate on the equipment diagram
but suspect Dreadnaught ends based on 1931-1932 date. Don't take my
word for this - get a picture to confirm the ends.

"Finally I am wondering how tall the car is. I am asking this because
I have a Tichy USRA SS boxcar that I am wondering if I might be
able to heavily modify into an accurate version of the car. The
sides of the USRA car look a little tall but I am not sure. I know
Sunshine is going to offer this car but I am not one to pass up a
challenging kit-bashing project."

IH = 8 ft 9 in; IH of the USRA SS boxcar is 9 ft. The sides look too
tall because they are. Why not build the Sunshine kit and use the
Tichy kit for a USRA SS boxcar that DID show up on the Bamberger?
You can't cut down the sides without screwing up the truss, and with
the resin kit available, this kitbash hits the point of diminshing
returns pretty quickly.

"DTI 177?? is a 40 foot single sheathed car with an interesting steel
end which is flat except for two wide raised vertical ribs. The door
on the car is wood. I don't have any other information on this car.
Could some one point me to pictures or other information on this
type of car."

DT&I 17000-17999, IH 10 ft. I have two Paul Dunn photos of these
cars which I'll check after I get home from work today,as well as
pull the 1940 ORER data. (The DT&I sit which I pulled the number
series from has a gaping hole in their ORER data between 1930 and

Ben Hom

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