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I have seen this decal and also an older Athearn car with a similar
scheme showing a white MDT M4(wood car) with NKP leasing marks. I
seen a photo to verify this either.

However, NKP did buy a series of 400 of these cars from MDT new in
1920s that were numbered NKP 60000-60399; at least two of these
converted to milk service later in their careers, NKP 700-701

So if you want to be safe, you put an MDT reefer on your layout and
letter it for NKP. I do not know the proper paint scheme for NKP
perhaps that is mentioned in the article you referenced.

Roger Hinman

I recall an old (ca.1978) issue of the NKP Society's magazine showing
a NKP lettering drawing for some MDT built (based on details of car
body) cars with GARX marks and a NKP herald. Possibly these were the
same cars.

LR King <>

On Thursday, February 12, 2004, at 08:02 PM, enobiko wrote:

Walthers has a decal set for the NKP/MDT reefer, part #72440. Any
photos of this car? The description says "white", does that mean
white reefer or white lettering? I have the NKP Historical
Spring 2000 issue that covers the NKP reefers, but no photo of the
MDT reefers there. The only MDT reefers I turn up are NYC, which
would prefer not to have on my NKP layout.
Dean Payne

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