Re: Trix Double Door, 40' box car

Richard Hendrickson

At one point I was working toward this using the Metcalfe book and the
Champ catalog. I seem to recall it looked promising, although I don't
know if Champ had 100% accuracy and completeness. Of course this research
should have been a waste of time... if Trix hadn't crossed up what class
the models match!
Maybe a Trix "repaint version" would only need a few items changed?
Scott Pitzer
Car number, class number, and built date would have to be changed, of course.
Dimesnional data wouldn't be the same, but then the Champ decal sets don't
include the exact dimensional data for the A-50-16s either. But it would
be simpler than repainting and relettering the entire model.

Richard H. Hendrickson
Ashland, Oregon 97520

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