Re: Questions about NP20429, ART 62388, & DT&I 177??

Ed Hawkins

On Friday, February 13, 2004, at 11:05 AM, Ted Culotta wrote:

ART 62388 looks to be very similar to the PFE R-40-10. I am just
wondering how many of these cars ART had? I have several pictures of
these cars in trains taken locally but seem to see more pictures of
steel cars with a horizontal seem along side of the car on a
national level.
Shay and Ted,
In late 1936 ART purchased a total of 1,021 steel reefers that appeared as in Will Whittaker's photo of 23868, 511 were built by AC&F and 510 from GATC. They were very similar to PFE's R-40-10 but with a few noticeable differences that included additional rivet detail around the doors and different types of hatch covers, side door hinges, and push pole pockets, plus the addition of roof guard angles located along the edge of the roof near the hatches.

The 1,021 cars were numbered from 22979-23999, except that 23141-23380 (240 cars) in the block of numbers were not originally used and were assigned to series 62141-62380. These were identified this way for dedicated on-line service until 1942 when they were renumbered to 23141-23380, thus making a consecutive block of numbers. It's virtually impossible to track these cars during their first 6 years of service because ART didn't list any car quantities in the various number groups until July 1942. By this time the 62xxx series cars had all been renumbered to the 22979-23999 series. Beginning in 1951 the cars were refurbished and received air circulating fans and Apex Tri-Lok running boards. When this occurred the cars were renumbered to 30000-30999 and 31000-31999 (separated depending on the type of fans used). The refurbishment took place over a span of several years and cars assigned from 22979-23999 had all been renumbered (or retired) by 1/54 with a total of 897 cars shown in series 30000-31999 at that time.

In Shay's original message is a reference to ART car number 62388. This would be outside the range of 62141-62380 as originally assigned by AC&F per their bill of materials. If this was the case, then ART must have renumbered some additional cars in the 62xxx series. The 7/41 ORER lists series 22979-24999 and 62000-62499, but with no quantities listed. If you have knowledge of a photo of ART 62388, I would like to verify its existence with a photo source such that I can update my records accordingly.

The 24000-series cars (later cars with the 4-panel sides and horizontal rivet seams, per my recent reply to Gene Green) were listed in the ORERs as 24000-24999. But there were only 700 cars built and assigned to this number series, so 24000-24699 was the "actual" car number series for these cars. The 24000-series cars became 32000-32999 and 33000-33999 when equipped with air circulating fans.

An article about ART's steel reefers built from 1936 to 1946 (with 4/4 Dreadnaught Ends) has been prepared and will be published in an upcoming MPHS publication "The Eagle." This is in addition to Charlie Duckworth's article about the 1936-built cars in RP CYC Vol. 2.
Ed Hawkins

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