Re: Questions about NP20429, ART 62388, & DT&I 177??

Benjamin Frank Hom <b.hom@...>

Ben Hom wrote:
DT&I 17000-17999, IH 10 ft. I have two Paul Dunn photos of these
cars which I'll check after I get home from work today,as well as
pull the 1940 ORER data. (The DT&I site which I pulled the number
series from has a gaping hole in their ORER data between 1930 and

DT&I 17000-17999, 583 cars in January 1940. The cars are listed as general service boxcars, but some were later fitted with auto part racks. The two Paul Dunn photos are both broadside shots which don't show the ends, but show that the car sides are similar to the USRA SS boxcars, with the differences being that the DT&I car is 1 ft taller, have ladders instead of grabs, ARA standard trucks (Accurail "Bettendorf") instead of Andrews trucks, and appears to have a Hutchins roof. The car does have the hat section truss members of the USRA car. Pending better information on the ends, this might be a better choice for your kitbash from the Tichy kit if you can live with a car that's a foot too short. (There aren't any resin kits available for this car.) The hardest part of this conversion (aside from possible work on the ends) is cutting off the Tichy kit's Murphy roof and replacing it with a Hutchins roof harvested from an Accurail SS boxcar.

Ben Hom

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