CRDX boxcar photos


Hello all:

I was finally able to post those photos of the CRDX (Chicago Freight
Car Leasing) boxcars at the Illinois Railway Museum. To reiterate, I
am working on trying to decipher the histories of these cars to more
accurately interpret them on display signs we will be creating for
these pieces of equipment. The photos are in the photo file for this
group; here is some of the information I obtained from the cars,
although I have temporarily misplaced the piece of paper on which I
recorded measurements such as interior dimensions.

The side sills originally had cut-outs for the wheels. Some of these
cut-outs were welded over, and the side sills had an extra steel
strip welded along their bottom, at some point. This rebuild may
have been done by CFC; one of the stencils on the side of the car
is "CFC 8-73" which may be a rebuild date.

The cars have plug-doors, the measurements of which are 130" wide and
119" tall. It has been suggested that these were part of the rebuild.

The trucks have several things cast into them. They are ASF "Ride
Control" trucks. On the right side of the truck frames they have
cast into them:
"5 1/2x10" - obviously journal size
"PRR - V11988" - probably the side frame type
They also have a raised logo featuring a circle with a pinwheel
inside of it.

On the left side of the truck frame:
"AARB-195" - No idea
"6193E" - No idea

These data indicate that the trucks are PRR class 2D-F__. They may
be 2D-F19A, but this is conjecture.

Any input, or even speculation, as to the history of these cars is
greatly appreciated.

BTW, thanks to everyone who responded to my previous post with kind
words. I didn't realize that I was coming across as anonymous, and I
also didn't realize that I had identified myself so poorly.

Respectfully yours,

Frank Hicks
Illinois Railway Museum, Union, Illinois

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