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Richard Hendrickson

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<< Also, one of the photos I have of a
DT&I 17000 series car has another car in the same series next to it and the
ends were 4 panel Hutchins. Now if someone wants to make patterns for a
resin kit.... >>


Were these ends four separate panels or two over two?
two over two, with a single riveted center seam.

Does anyone know if the stampings
were the same for both single and double sheathed cars or were the stampings
extended to correspond to a (wider) DS type construction?
Comparing the Hutchins end in a photo of a Southern 36' double wood
sheathed box car with the Hutchins end on a Pere Marquette single sheathed
auto car, it's apparent that the distance from the ends of the panels to
the corners is greater on the Southern car.

Richard H. Hendrickson
Ashland, Oregon 97520

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