Re: Canadian Freight Cars in The U.S.

Earl Tuson

Quite a different situation from these other examples would be the last month
and a half of operation on the Suncook Valley in 1952. Of some 97 cars
interchanged, <28> were from Canadian roads. This was primarily due to the
large amounts of inbound lumber to two shook mills online, and to the feed
destined for local poultry growers. These cars were primarily sent back
unloaded, although two were destined for Stockport, NY, with woodchips, while a
few others hauled out small amounts of LCL.

Earl Tuson

From: "Dave & Libby Nelson" <muskoka@...>

FWIW, of the 3006 individual cars I've got recorded... only 14 are Canadian.
From: Clark Propst <cepropst@...>

...M&StL ... list for 48,49,50 has 1331 ... 9 are CN cars ... 6 CP cars,
The Fairfax MN seal book has 833 entries. 6 ... CN, ...3 CP
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