Re: Balancing the roster - boxcars in the SE

Earl Tuson

Yes, but those cars were <surplus.> That is in part why they were scrapped.
Due to the Depression, most of those cars had probably not turned a wheel for
several years. Tim Gilbert has shared info with me regarding B&M home cars on
line (among a lot else) and although I can't put my hands on those papers right
now, my memory is kicking out numbers around 2/3 of cars online in the depths
of the Depression were home road. So... modelers should NOT use ORER overall
car ratios to determine car mixes for Depression era layouts. The cars that
would be interchanged would have been the ones requiring NO repairs.

And your yard should be stuffed with old home road 36 footers going nowhere

Except the scrapyard, of course.

Earl Tuson

From: "aidrian.bridgeman-sutton" <aidrian.bridgeman-sutton@...>

More interestingly from my point of view there were still more than 23,000
cars in 1935. Given those sorts of numbers, I think I need a few of these,
which should make Al Westerfield's bank manager happy.

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