Re: AD&N box

Benjamin Hom <bhom3@...>

Tim O'Connor astutely observed concerning ADN 1474

John thinks this is a 1937 [sic] AAR boxcar, but the more I look the weirder
it gets -- the roof appears to be flat for example. But more interesting is
the rivet/panel pattern on the sides -- they seem to be irregular, more like
a 1923 ARA than the 1940 AAR.

Good call, Tim - this appears to be an ex-PRR Class X37 boxcar, which was
basically Pennsy's proprietary version of the 1937 AAR design - 5/5
Dreadnaught ends, but with the following unusual "Standard Railroad of
Altoona" features: flat panel roof with depressed panels at either end to
accommodate the lateral running boards; 10 panel sides, with narrow panels
either side of the door and the odd rivet pattern you noted (not ACR as I
asserted in a previous post on Class X37 a while back - an unfortunate
consequence of rectal-cranial inversion); a unique looking side sill, with
the "tabs" at the bolsters longer than that seen on "normal" 1937 AAR
boxcars; "X29" ladders with a bracket grab above hopper-like sill step; 7 ft
door; and Pennsy freight car trucks.

Of course, this means that every Athearn and MDC shake the box 1937 AAR
boxcar kits decorated for Pennsy are wrong - to quote Captain Renault from
Casablanca, "I'm shocked - shocked to find out that there's gambling here."

Ben Hom

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