Truck dimensions

cvfanbratt <cvfanbratt@...>

I am doing my first car drawings in AutoCAD and need some information
on truck dimensions. It would appear logical to me that all 33"
diameter wheel trucks should have had a very close dimension from
rail top to the center plate. If not, then replacing an archbar with
an Andrews would have been a nightmare.

Did the ARA, ARR, USRA or other groups have standard truck dimensions?
If so, where can I find this information. Also, does anyone on the
list also use AutoCAD or other programs to produce car drawings? I'd
like to see if there are people interested in sharing appliance
drawings. (Brake components, trucks, draft gear, underframes, etc.)
(I am working on leaf spring archbar trucks for the current drawing.)

For those who may be interested, I am drawing Central Vermont's

Thanks in advance for any info you can supply.

Jeff Lodge

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