Re: Balancing the roster - boxcars in the SE

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Aaargh! <slaps own head, hard>

Hit me with the bleeding obvious, why don't you? An ORER listing doesn't
necessarily mean that they were in service at times of a car surplus. So
that 9 percent wood cars may include say 70%-80% which were sitting idle
waiting for repairs (or scrapping). For the XL that proportion might have
been up towards 90%.

That brings the proportion needed in trains down significantly, thought as
you note there's a possible requirement for out of service cars as scenery
around the yard. I wonder what the source of the data on the RPI site for
1936 was?



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So... modelers should NOT use ORER overall
car ratios to determine car mixes for Depression era layouts. The cars
would be interchanged would have been the ones requiring NO repairs.

And your yard should be stuffed with old home road 36 footers going

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