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I remain skeptically yours...
Bureau of mines says about 225,000 tons of Aluminum were imported from
Canada in 1950, so obviously there is some filter that the ICC used when
counting rail shipments from Canada that I don't know about. I'll have to
go back to the library and find the original ICC report and read any notes
(which is to say it may take months before I can report back).

Dave Nelson
Tim Gilbert reports to me the footnotes for Canadian data include: "Figures
represent carload
tonnage handled by class I railways of the United States that operate
mileage in Canada." This should explain why the data I shared was small --
it appears the ICC excluded anything brought across the border by either the
CP or CN. It also raises the question of where did the ICC begin to track
that tonnage? I would guess in the state where the Canadian road turned
over the car to a U.S. carrier.

Canada had something similar to the ICC's Bureau of Statistics -- I have
access to some small portion of their reports and Tim Gilbert says he knows
of a fellow who has much more so perhaps at some future date the full
tonnage figures will be discovered and made available here.

Dave Nelson

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