Re: Canadian Freight Cars in The U.S.

Tim O'Connor <timoconnor@...>

Tim Gilbert reports to me the footnotes for Canadian data include: "Figures
represent carload tonnage handled by class I railways of the United States
that operate mileage in Canada."
Interesting. This would completely eliminate some international interchange
points from these statistics, since they were located exactly AT the border.
One such point was the Spokane International (UP) interchange with the CP
on the border between Washington and British Columbia. Also, the SOO and CP
interchanged on North Dakota's border at Portal (?). I think the GN may have
ran over its own tracks to Winnipeg, but I'm not sure about its line to
Vancouver BC. The bridge at Sault Ste Marie connected SOO (DSS&A?) to CP,
but I'm not sure whose trains ran which way across the border -- maybe that
would eliminate this interchange from the statistics too. Let's see, the CN
tunnel at Sarnia ONT carried large quantities of traffic to the GTW in
Michigan... it was a CN operation so I guess that gets eliminated. Did the
NYC actually operate as such in Ontario or was it technically a Canadian
operation (Canada Southern?). And who owned/operated the bridge at Niagara

Timothy O'Connor <timoconnor@...>
Sterling, Massachusetts

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