Re: Magazine Indexes

Schuyler Larrabee

Is there really a problem in providing a lead,
and letting
the requesting party do the legwork? Why do I
have to do
everything? Your thinking truly demonstrates a
lack of
understanding about those who must handle
volumes of email, a very narrow and somewhat
viewpoint, and lack of respect for the time and
effort of
those who attempt to be helpful in whichever way
they can.
The way I look at it, whenever I post a question
and someone
gives me some help, I appreciate it, thank them,
and leave
out the part where I chastise them for the
incompleteness of
their assistance.

Ron Hildebrand
Well said, Ron. If somebody points out a book on
the shelf containing the information I want, I
don't complain that they didn't look up the
specific pages, take it to the copy machine, and
hand me the copied pages . . .

[Gee, maybe I'll try that in the future . . . ]


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