Re: Roofs of Various Names (was:LNE's Black Boxcars)

Anthony Thompson <thompson@...>

I wrote:
Around 1930, the first of these "solid steel," external-carline roofs
appeared, without any raised panels in the center of each section. That's
what I would call a "flat panel roof" also.
David Thompson said:
They're a bit older than that. NYC's first USRA-design boxes of 1920-21
had the Murphy flat-panel roof, and the Hutchins Dry-Lading roof was in use
as early as 1916.
No, David, we're talking about the design with structural external carlines, not the internal-carline ones. Those Murphy versions only had interlocked seam caps which weren't structural, and if those seam caps on the Hutchins Dry-Lading roof were structural, you'd have collapsed them in a good snow. See any Cyc of the period.

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