Freight Car Designations

Charles Etheredge

Is there any one (or more) reference sources out there that I could
use to learn more about freight car classes? Example:
I am modeling the late 1940's....SP/T&NO. The SP had box cars
designated B-50-xx, GS gons as G-50-xx, covered hoppers as H-70-xx,
etc. Most other RR's had their own class designations also. In
trying to collect only those cars that would be built prior to say
1950, it is difficult to find this info. unless one is a "seasoned"
veteran of this type of knowledge. The kit manufacturers, for the
most part, aren't much help. The ORER's don't list this info. Any
info that would point me in the right direction would be
appreciated. Thanks
Charles Etheredge

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