Re: C&O fuel tank cars

James D Thompson <jaydeet@...>

Remember the listing of fuel cars that appeared (with a couple of photos)
in the C&OHS magazine? Based on the sketchy data and mixed-bag
acquisitions that were made, is there any chance that one of the
available HO kits (including Sunshine X-3's) COULD match one of the
That must have been before my time. I do have a nice broadside photo of
C&O 193 which shows a vertical-course tank on an underframe with massive
bolsters and spindly end platforms. Only thing I can find that's anywhere
similar is Sinclair 24819, though the C&O car has low platforms. That
silver car in the C&O color guide is riding on what looks like a
Pennsylvania Tank Co. underframe. In either case, you're out of luck as
the only quality nonbrass tanks in HO are the ACF Type 21 (P2K), Type 27
(Red Caboose), and the Union X-3s (Sunshine). If I had my heart set on
doing one, I'd pick up an 8k Type 21 and letter it with a number you
can't find a photo for.

David Thompson

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