Re: ATSF Reefers

Scott Pitzer

marcuj10 <jonathan.marcus@... wrote:
You are all rather cryptic about Sunshine's modus operandi - I
appreciate its probably a small-scale "craftsman kit" operation but is there any
fundamental reason for their slowness and indeed their failure to answer
questions that would clearly lead to the selling of more kits. No e-mail; no
web-site; no telephone number even; it's all a bit archaic.

What I do is hand a message to the conductor on the "Flyer," and at Springfield, he gives it to one of the little boys who hangs around the depot. He takes it on his bicycle up to Martin's house, for which service he is compensated with a bottle of Moxie or an Eskimo Pie.

Now THAT'S archaic!

Scott Pitzer

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