Re: Sherman Oil & Cotton Co. Tank Cars

Anthony Thompson <thompson@...>

Richard Hendrickson wrote:
Shawn, the construction of these cars is typical turn-of-the-century with
wood underframes, end blocks to hold the tanks in position, and a center
tank band that splits at the dome to go around the dome (also a means,
though not very effective, of preventing the tank from shifting).
Actually, this band was to hold the tank down on the underframe. With ends restrained, thermal expansion of the tank would bow it upwards off the frame. The change to a center anchorage, with ends free to expand and contract outwards, parallel to the ground, solved this problem.

I could find no listing for the Sherman Oil & Cotton Co. in the 10/1919
ORER, so the photo was probably taken earlier than that.
I have an April, 1912 ORER and it also has no listing for Sherman.

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