Re: Sherman Oil & Cotton Co. Tank Cars

James D Thompson <jaydeet@...>

I tried to check the Westerfield 1900 ORER issue on CD, but the page
needed for Sherman is erroneous--it duplicates the following page.
Anyone got a better copy?
Yep. The file you need is ~Z_SHEBOYGAN-WEAVER.TIF, dated 2/13/00 on my CD.

Tank cars of this Company are lettered "Sherman Oil and Cotton Company,
Sherman, Texas," on each side of the tank, and "S. O. & C. Co." and
number on each side of car body, and are numbered from 1 to 230, inclusive.
Report movement and mileage and send bills for repair for cars to
Sherman Oil & Cotton Co., Sherman, Tex.
Send remittances to Sherman Oil & Cotton Co., Sherman, Tex.

Sherman is not in the August 1897 or June 1905 ORERs.

David Thompson

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