Re: Brake appliances on PMcK&Y USRA rebuilds, circa 1935

Richard Hendrickson

Rob Adams asks:

I'm getting ready to build a couple of the Tichy #4028 USRA SS box car
steel side rebuilds to model cars from PMcK&Y series 83400-83499. Based
on an excellent picture in Train Shed Cyc No. 75, several detail changes
will be warranted.

One question I can't answer from the photo is whether the cars received
AB brakes as part of the re-building in late 1934. AB brakes were
required on newly constructed cars by that time, but my understanding is
that the requirement wasn't extended to rebuilds until Jan 1, 1937.

Can any of you provide some guidance here? I'm trying to model the cars
as they would have been at rebuilding Circa 1935. Thanks in advance.
I carefully studied the same photo in the 1937 Car Builders' Cyc, where its
reproduction was somewhat less dark and muddy than in the Train Shed Cyc,
and I can just make out the outline of the brake cylinder/reservoir and
dirt collector. That confirms that these cars retained their original KC
air brakes when rebuilt.

Richard H. Hendrickson
Ashland, Oregon 97520

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