Re: Accurail AAR 70-ton triple hopper with off-set sides

Richard Hendrickson

If I missed this thread just kill this off.

I found on the Accurail web site that they will be doing a version of
the AAR triple hopper with off-set sides with the following features:

* Fine sill steps molded from tough, durable Acetal resin, molded as
one piece with the diagonal end braces and bolster top plate so they
don't fall off the car
* Center sills set up for either standard mount couplers OR Accumate
PROTO:HO "scale size" couplers
* Brake levers and piping modeled between the major brake components
* Slope sheet braces properly modeled
* Fine section end ladder
* Properly modeled Wine door locks
* Hidden weights

From the description, the body casting should be finer than the one
from Stewart. Now if they do a correct 70-ton truck that will be a
real addition to the hobby.

Bob Witt
Yeah, Bob, but as usual with Inaccurail,the damn grab irons, ladders, etc.
will still be molded on and there will be a gazillion bogus paint and
lettering schemes. You'll hear no cheering from this part of the

Richard H. Hendrickson
Ashland, Oregon 97520

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