Re: Decal HELP!!

Schuyler Larrabee

Looking at the model (WHAT a bummer!) I notice
that the lettering in question is what used to be
available as Letraset Microgramma Bold Extended.
More or less. I don't know if Letraset is still
making this particular typeface still, since
computer typography has largely put them out of
business, or at least severely impacted their
business. But it might offer an alternative to
what Jim Kubanick offers here . . .

You'd have to find a Really Good Art and Drafting
supply place.


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I don't know if this will help, but I have the
remains of the
set I used for my NWSL car.
In comparing this with the posted photo,
however, it does not
match. What I have is the complete " Jones &
Laughlin Steel
Corporation" spelled out with larger J&LSC size
There are two sets of this with J&L logos. It
appears that
you would have to re-do the complete corporate
name on the
car - if that is correct.
Still, I have the decals and you are welcome to
them, if you
can figure out how to make them work for this
According to the envelope, these decals were
made by Champ
for NWSL and may or not be the remains of the
HT-185 set.

Jim Kubanick,
Morgantown, WV

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Hi All,

I was done decaling an HO Jones and Laughlin
car. I wipe the decals
clean off the glue residue around the edges
when I had a problem. A
of the decal was removed and is unusable. I
only had
1 set to
car. I need the JONE only as in the photo.
Please reply
even if you
partial set of Champ HO J&L set HT-185.

I have already tried Champ to no avail. This
must be an
extremely rare
set to find, as a friend who has been painting
HO full time
for years
does not even have a set. I may have to use a
Microscale gothic
lettering set, but the selection of sizes is
just under or
just over
the perfect height
the real decal set.

My customer went to great lengths to detail
this car out. I want to
car as perfect as possible.

Thank You,
Bill Lane

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