Re: Modeling a Well Used Gon

Scott Pitzer

Could something like this become a "master" for reproduction? It would be a start for further modification using thick ACC and painting tricks. Or even "as is" if you don't worry that your car will have the exact same bulges as everyone else.) It would save a lot of people a lot of time.
I suppose the resin molding/casting process would be very challenging with an oddly shaped master, and it can't have a flat back like typical kit parts.
Getting this in styrene would be asking too much (say, from the maker of a gondola kit, providing an "option" like some military kits have "battle damaged" parts...)
Scott Pitzer

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From: John Boren <mccjbcmd@...>

The March 2004 issue of Model RailroadING has an article on exactly this
topic. The author, Jeff Eggert, uses .001 inch shim brass sheets which he
hammers in a jig

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